Vitamine C bij apen

Hier een leuk stukje van een Duitse arts is over vitamine C.

Here are the monkeys: The "Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Ernaehrung" (also the related Austrian and Swiss nutritional societies) recommends 100 mg of vitamin C per day for the whole human body. However, for certain monkeys (who have the same genetic defect as the human body so that they also cannot make their own vitamin C from blood sugar) 55 mg per kg body weight is recommended to keep them healthy (Data Source: Committee on Animal Nutrition, Nutrient Requirements for Laboratory Animals, Pub. No. 990, National Academy of Science). If you multiply this by a human body weight of e.g. 70 kg, you arrive at 3.85 g vitamin C per day. This is more appropriate in view of the fact that the daily production of animal bodies is between 2 g and 20 g per day per 70 kg (in healthy days, otherwise more). Only the human body and some monkeys and the guinea pig cannot make their own vitamin C. Interesting that for the human body much less vitamin C is recommended. I guess that those few monkeys are not of interest to the pharmaceutical industry. So no business anyway and truth not suppressed.